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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bohemian Pilsner

Beer Style:            lager, pilsner
Recipe Type:        extract

I have a question about a Bohemian Pilsner I'm brewing. Well, I tasted the stuff in the carboy. It's REALLY SWEET, as compared to most brews I've had, and color is a dark gold.

3.3 lbs. Northwestern Gold ME
4.0 lbs. Alexander's Pale ME
2.0 oz. Saaz plugs (60 minutes-bittering)
1.0 oz. Saaz plugs (30 minutes-flavor)
1.0 oz. Saaz plugs (2 minutes-aroma)
1/2 oz Saaz plugs (dry hop)
Wyeast Bohemian Yeast directly from the pack(no starter) Club Gifts-234x60 banner

FG: 1013

I boiled the extract, 1 1/2 gallons water and hops as indicated in the recipe for one hour. Added everything by siphoning into a plastic water jug with 3 gallons cold water. Topped off with cold water. Waited for everything to drop to 65 and pitched the yeast. I let the stuff sit at around 65 for 1 day and then placed it in the back room of my basement where it sits at a nice 45 all day and night.
I racked to a secondary after 12 days (glass carboy) and dry hopped. It's been in the secondary for two days now and I took a SG reading and got 1.013. I had completely forgotten to take an OG reading, but looking at other Pilsner recipies, it seems 1.021 is a common final gravity.

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